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Our systems are highly flexible and user friendly and allows the user to monitor multiple sensors and data points across the machine, line or factory.  Once operational the monitoring concentrator collects data from your machines and forwards it on to the Pinpoint web based server. This allows the user to view the secure interface on any web based device.  PDC is capable of displaying the data in various formats and will be customised to your individual requirements.  None web based systems are also available. 

Pinpoint Automation understands the pressure on modern businesses and manufacturing facilities.  The need to have the edge over competitors has never been greater and as such many businesses turn to improvement initiatives such as six sigma to provide techniques and tools to improve their manufacturing and business processes.  With phrases such as KPI, OEE, and lean manufacturing common place in businesses today, it is no surprise that data analysis is the crucial driving force behind many decision making processes.

Pinpoint Automation is able to offer bespoke monitoring & data capture systems that allow you to collect and monitor the raw data from your production lines.

We are able to offer our bespoke systems at a fraction of the cost of other 'off the shelf products' by utilising the latest technology and programming techniques.  Our system allows you to benefit from:

•    Automatic and accurate production tracking

•     “visualization” of your production processes in real time

•     Data displayed on overhead displays and on mobile devices

•     Historical data for shift & product comparisons

•     and ultimately increase productivity

We currently have our systems running in a wide rage of industries that include: Tissue, Cardboard Packaging, Food production, Vessel Assembly Plants, and Inflatable Equipment Manufactures.

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