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Pinpoint Control Systems

Powerful, compact and elegant systems working hard for you.

We appreciate the effort and work required to maintain and improve your business, and the cost of new machinery is not always viable.  As an independent company we work with all major manufactures of control equipment and are able to offer machine program  upgrades at a fraction of the cost of a new machine.  We strongly believe in ' making the most' of the machinery you have and are confident we will be able to improve your machines efficiency.  

Real life success: We were recently employed to design, build and commission a new control system in a food manufacturing company.  The system was designed to replace the old controls of an otherwise perfectly capable and functional oven system.  The new system was installed and within a few weeks the company was able to reduce their cooking cycle time by 12 hours which equated to a reduction of nearly 15%.  This was down to the new system providing greater control and accuracy of key stages of the cooking cycle.

Want to experience these great results yourself, invite us in for a no obligation upgrade survey, and see what your machinery is capable of.

We work closely with you throughout the design process so we understand your specific requirements ensuring we provide a control system that delivers maximum performance, and capability within your budget.



At Pinpoint Automation we concentrate on the design, and commissioning of the control system with key components manufactured by specialists in those areas.  We work closely with suppliers, overseeing all aspects of the build, ensuring components are built to the highest possible standards.ore


During the commissioning period we will be on site and will work along side you to ensure your control system and user interface is fully suited to the role it needs to fill.  Providing ease of use for operators, detailed support for engineers, and statistics for management.


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We will come to site to discuss your requirements and budgets.

We will also check the machinery you wish to upgrade to ensure the upgrade is possible.

During the discussion we will go through the machines current production and discuss any future products you may wish to produce to ensure your final machine is capable.